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Which way do your wrinkles go…horizontal or vertical. Horizontal is aging…loss of collagen and elastin fibers. That usually starts around the eyes, and on the neck. These are areas of thinner skin. If you use general face moisturizers in the area of the eyes, you may end up with a different kind of problem…tiny bumps that look a little like a plucked chicken skin. This is from cream that is too thick for the eye area and becomes walled off as the skin tries to protect itself. Thus the reason for eye cream…the carrier is thinner, easily absorbed and utilized. Sunscreen daily and reapplied becomes a mantra as you begin to age. Your sun exposure is accumulative and that accumulation can seemingly appear overnight, but in reality has been building all your life. If you don’t like the wrinkles, stay out of the sun. Please don’t use retinol. I was an esthetician when retinol came on the market and people were raving about its use with wrinkles. Great! Within five years I was seeing people who could not be in the sun more than 10 minutes without burning, and even more who had developed sensitive red skin. Retinol is not worth the price when you have organic products that work better and without side effects.


I recommend a Slow My Aging Facial when you first begin to notice fine lines. This allows me to evaluate where you are in the aging process and do preventative treatments with education. I will recommend either Neroli Eye Serum or Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream if the problem is local to the eyes, if the neck is also beginning to show wrinkling we will decide whether the Hibiscus Neck Cream or the Monoi Age Corrective Night Face and Neck Cream is better for you, and a sunscreen/moisturizer according to your skin type for daytime. I can evaluate your current facial routine for items that may be contributing instead of helping with your skin concerns. I prefer to slowing integrate Eminence products as you run out of your old products.


But what if the wrinkles are vertical? That is a bigger, deeper problem. First I worry that you are chronically dehydrated, lacking in water for your body. Your skin is the reservoir of water for your entire body. If it is needed anywhere internally, it is pulled from your skin. Please for your whole body’s sake increase your fluid intake. You can count any fluid as water with the exceptions of alcoholic or caffeinated (even decaffeinated) drinks. Both of these categories are dehydrating, so don’t count that consumption as fluid. You need four ounces of water per ten




pounds of body weight minimum per day. Every part of your body will thank you for this change. Worried about how much time you will spend in the bathroom? Divide your water intake need into three or four servings and drink it all down at once…don’t sip it over time. If you drink it down say within five minutes you will visit the bathroom in about 20 minutes and not again until your next big serving.

The other causes of vertical wrinkles are advanced collagen and elastin loss probably due to over exposure to the sun over many years, a large weight loss or a firming of underlying skin.


I recommend a series of three Aging Gracefully Facials with strict adherence to home care which would include adequate water intake,  Mangosteen Cleanser and Concentrate , Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist, Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil each twice daily with Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer with a tinted moisturizer/sunscreen of either Vanilla Latte, or Carmel Latte during the day and  at night a mixture of half and half Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment and Bamboo Age Corrective Masque to be left on overnight. These recommendations will change over time as the skin heals. There is no quick fix here, but with time you will see dramatic improvement.