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Waxing Services

Brow Wax  $18
Lip Wax  $13
Chin Wax  $18
Face Wax  $45
Underarms Wax  $25
Bikini Wax  $40
Lower Legs Wax  $55
Back Wax  $65

Waxing offers the TEMPORARY removal of hair by the root. Over time, hair that is removed in this manner will take longer to grow back. The hair that does return is thinner and lighter in color. I use only soft wax for my hair removal services. For an additional 10% of your waxing procedure cost, add a NO-NO machine treatment to further reduce hair regrowth. Although I do not sell the NO-NO, I do recommend this as the only at home hair removal method, in my opinion, compatible with salon waxing. For more information about waxing please view the tab Client Resources. Waxing services are limited to the list above and recommended at intervals of no more than six weeks, no less than three weeks.