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Redness indicates sensitivity and or inflammation. There are several major contributors as cause: allergies, loss of elasticity in the capillaries, product you put on your skin, the body’s response to bacteria deep in the pores, standing with shower water hitting your face and your environment. This one is complicated in looking at causes but more simple to fix. Knowing what you are allergic to (Try Allergy Elimination Treatments), Increasing Vitamin C to the skin with serums, avoiding products with Retinol (mine don’t have this) , keep the pores cleaned out with gentle products, don’t let shower water hit you in the face, and keep a clean air environment.

And if these don’t work, or you want to speed up the process, I recommend Eminence Calm Skin Line or the Beyond Organic Hypoallergenic Line partnered with a Redness Relief facial at Pleasant Touch which uses an Oxygen Treatment and L.E.D. Treatment as modalities within the facial.