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Pre and Post Waxing


Because waxing is the removal of hair by the root, it cannot be entirely pain free. I recommend that the first time you have waxing done, you take whatever medication you would take for a bad headache about a half hour before your appointment. That will help you ease the discomfort. The rest I will talk you through, telling you what I am doing each step of the way. Please keep in mind that waxing is strictly forbidden in clients taking the medication Acutane and for up to six months after finishing the prescription. You will surely loose skin and possibly scar if you do. Waxing is also not recommended for people on topical Vitamin A such as Retin-A or Retinol. Please tell your esthetician (person doing your waxing) if you are on these medications or using this ingredient. For most clients the bikini area is the most sensitive, while the upper lip is a close second, with lower legs being the least sensitive. Everything else falls somewhere in the middle. In order to wax an area the first time the hair needs to be at least a quarter of an inch long or longer. This is the hardest part of starting the waxing process from removing hair by another method. Usually you have to wait two to four weeks for this, but the wait is worth it. By the fourth time you have waxing done you will have no stubble, assuming you only use wax to remove hair. And, no, waxing DOES NOT make the hair grow thicker or darker.

The service itself is quick, I've been waxing clients over 30 years and I am fast. I apply warm soft wax with a wooden disposable spatula. Because the wax is soft, I use a disposable cloth strip to remove the wax. The skin is prepared with an antiseptic or powder before waxing and residue wax removed after the treatment with a special cream. I may use other products on the skin depending on the condition of the skin.

Hair does not grow all at one time. It grows in various stages. In fact, you only see about a third of your hair at a time. Some people even produce up to three hairs per hair follicle. The only area, to my knowledge, that cannot be waxed is a man's beard.I recommend to my clients that they come at three week intervals for waxing, at least three times. After that I will be urging you to stretch your visits until you feel comfortable at six weeks intervals. When you can go six weeks between waxing, we begin counting for one year and six months. If you come regularly and do not use any other method of hair removal you can expect for your hair regrowth to slow significantly and you will be able then to decide when to come in just by your comfort level. The hairs will be very sparse and the roots very small.

Post-waxing for Men: Please wear a WHITE tee shirt for back waxing as dye often will cause break-out post-waxing.

Both men and women: Ingrown hairs are common in some areas: bikini, back and a woman's chin. Use a skin scrub and loofah on these areas (except chin). On your female chin, you would need a facial exfoliant and wash cloth or electric facial brush. Benzol Peroxide helps with ingrown hairs but it bleaches what ever fabric it comes in contact with: sheets, underwear, and/or shirts, so be careful if you choose to use Benzol Peroxide. It is also common for the back, chest, and face to break out from waxing just because the skin is so stimulated. I take extra measures to try to avoid this, but if it should happen, wash the body with antiseptic soap and apply a spray of salicylic acid. Remember to keep the newly waxed area out of the sun for 24 hours post waxing. If you expose the area to the sun right away it will either turn darker than the surrounding skin or it will burn badly. Neither are desirable results.

I know that it may be hard to believe, but I actually have clients who doze as they are being waxed. Something to look forward to doing. I will also teach you to do your own waxing as long as you can reach it, you can wax it. Most people are not anxious to learn right away...maybe later. It is my experience that waxing does not mix well with other forms of temporary hair removal. Shaving, tweezing, and/or using a depilatory will remove the hair from the hair follicle that I am trying to train not to grow. If I miss that hair in our cycles, I have no control over its regrowth. I personally think its a waste of your money to switch back and forth. Waxing is very popular for a reason. The hair takes longer to grow back from its root. The hair will begin to become more sparse, take longer and longer to regrow at all, get lighter in color, thinner in diameter, and probably best of all, no stubble!