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Child’s Best Practices Skin Care


There are three things I ask parents of young children to teach.

Wash your face every night with a cleanser (not a bar of soap) and rinse the cleanser off with a wet warm wash clothe. This removes old dead skin cells and debris from the surface of the skin, setting up a life time habit of facial cleansing at night to prepare the face for healing mode. This is a very hard habit to teach a teenager with beginning or active acne, and yet it is the single most important thing a teen needs to do to keep the skin clear.
Drink 4 ounces of water per 10 pounds of body weight per day. This keeps the whole body hydrated. The skin in the reservoir of water for the entire body. Hydrated skin is a sign that the interior is getting the water it needs. At puberty this habit may keep the oil production flowing instead of the body producing thick sticky sebaceous oil which clogs pores and less to acne. And later in life it will slow the formation of wrinkles. 
Apply sun screen every day and reapply it for longer exposed times. The cause of so many skin problems is over exposure to the sun…reddened, sensitive skin, lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentation (dark spots), and worst of all skin cancer. So much prevention in a quick and easy application. The type of sun screen used may need to change depending on skin type as the child matures.
These three things will not only keep the young skin healthier, but it will prepare them with the basic tools to build on for puberty and beyond. Prevention being key.