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12 noon to 8:15 PM

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Massage Services

Massage Services at Pleasant Touch are only available when scheduled by phone in a conversation with Gwen. This is specifically to control the number of massages she does during a day and to make sure that the client's expectations match the techniques that Gwen uses. Massage is available in increments of time.

30 Minutes $ 60.00
60 Minutes $110.00
90 Minutes $150.00

Gwen highly recommends a minimum of 60 Minutes of Massage as it generally takes 20 minutes for the human body to relax while being manipulated. The difference in results between 30 Minute Massage and 60 Minute Massage is huge. 90 Minutes is recommended only for people over 200 pounds and/or over 6 feet tall. It is simply a matter of more body to cover.