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Makeup Services

Organic Permanent Make-up for Eyebrows  (call for prices)

Eyebrows with make-up that lasts two to five years is available in a method of application taught by Organic Permanent Makeup. This procedure is done in two steps: Initial Procedure measures, outlines, and applies color. The second, Perfecting Procedure is done one month to six weeks later to fill in any small areas that did not take the dye. The design process often takes as long as the procedure. If you wish, bring pictures of you with the most perfect brow you have had...or magazine pictures of several brows you like. This way we can discuss your ideal design based on your natural hair growth. What fun! 

Organic Permanent Make-Up for Eyeliner (call for prices)

Eyeliner to enhance the lash line, giving a fuller appearance to the lashes is the goal of Organic Permanent Makeup. If your desire is to wake up with the look of a thin, dark line that gives definition to your eyes, year after year, this is for you. The look is not meant to be dramatic. For drama you can still add temporary eyeliner. This will last between 2 and 5 years. Fabulous for those who can no longer see to put on the eyeliner they love.


Organic Permanent Make-Up for Lips (Call for prices)

Never liked the uneven lip line you were born with? Aging issues erasing the solid lip line you use to have? Natural lip color fading away with the years? I can improve on any of those issues. Using the techniques taught by Organic Permanent Make-up I can enhance your lips with a natural, or slightly deeper color that remains for two to five years on most people. You can still apply lip stick if you wish to glamorize or change the color, you can add lip gloss if you want shine...but the choice is yours!