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Most clients who come to me with flaking skin think that their skin is dry and so they are putting on lots of moisturizer. And most of the time they are wrong. You are suppose to lose a whole layer of skin cells all over your body daily. They fall off microscopically. So when a client says they have flaking skin, I ask if it feels tight. If the client says “no”, then I examine the skin for oily pores and ask what kind of moisturizer they use. Most likely oil is gluing the old skin cells together and making them fall off visibly instead of microscopically. Flaking skin usually calls for exfoliation…gentle exfoliation. I don’t like harsh scrubs that are scratchy. Those are likely to increase redness…let’s not make another problem.


My current favorites are: Mangosteen Cleanser and Mangosteen Concentrate and a Moisturizer with just the right amount of oil/hydration for your face…there are so many to choose from depending on your secondary concerns.