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Facial Services

 Scroll down to see a list of facials with pricing to address specific problems.

  • Facials are specific to the individual client's combination of needs based on the client's skin experiences, skin type, preference of product and the skin therapist's examination.
  • Certified organic and lab created products are provided.
  • Pleasant Touch carries professional and retail items from Eminence Organic Skin Care of Hungary and Hydropeptide.
  • There are effective treatments from each of the product lines that are used for dehydrated, dry, oily, sensitive, hyper-pigmentation (sun damaged), lost elasticity, adult acne and combination skins.
  • Most clients have more than one concern that will need to be addressed.

    In addition to product, several specialized machines are available to help reach your facial goals. Some are small and could be used at home, others are professional. Although I do not sell any machines, I use and recommend Clarisonic electric brushes for cleaning the skin. I also have the BioTheraputic Mircro which uses ultrasonic technology to assist in deep cleaning of pores and penetrating product. I have used the Clarisonic Opal which helps penetrate product in small places like around the eyes, and recommend it for at home use. But here I tend to use the professional Oxygen machine for that.

    Professional machines that I use depending on the need and facial request are: The Dolce Sun L.E.D. Light Machine. It was made tin the USA and is capable of providing red, blue, and green wavelengths singly or in any combination, and it is large enough to bathe the whole face, throat, and décolleté in L.E.D light. Red wavelengths are known to stimulate collagen and elastin, Blue wavelengths soothe redness, the combination of Red and Blue kill some acne bacteria and Green stimulates an enzyme made in the body to digest melanin pools (dark spots).My Micro current machine is Ultimate Platinum from the BioTherapeutics Company. Depending on the setting of this Platinum machine, I can penetrate product deeper into the skin and help with sagging skin and lax facial muscles Another machine from Bio-Theraputics is the Accent Air. It filters air to produce an Oxygen concentration of 90-95%. The air you breathe is normally 21% Oxygen. Oxygen is absorbed into the upper layers of skin normally, and the increased percentage of oxygen along with the effective products used provide the facial skin with the needeid ingredients to repair the skin and its conditions. I have three methods of applying the Mask (covers the entire face), by Wand (sprays on) and by Jet (targeted puffs of oxygenJ). The newest machine is the ProCell for Micro-Needling. This machine allows an amazing process of micro wounding (approximately 90 minutes down time) whereby new collagen columns are encouraged to form in the skin. This process coupled with two stem cell serums have brought the most remarkable changes I have ever personally seen in my clients with deep wrinkles and also those with old acne scars.

Introductory Facial $90

Designed for the first time facial client. After a consultation with you on your facial concerns, your skin will be observed under both wood's lamp and magnifying light to determine the product treatment best suited for you. You will receive a Plain Vanilla Classic Facial which begins with an appropriate cleanser, an exfoliation process using a BioTheraputic Mircro ultrasonic machine that assists with deep pore cleansing, manual extractions to get rid of black heads and pustules (if necessary), targeted selection of serums, masks and moisturizers for eyes, lips, neck, and facial skin. All of this occurs in a relaxing atmosphere with soft music, and an soothing massage of hands, arms, and feet. Please bring the products you currently use. This is important as your current products play a role in the state of your skin now. Unless these products are specifically wrong for your skin type or you really want a total change, the recommendations will work with you on tweaking your home facial routine, gradually changing things as you run out of current product either with product lines Pleasant Touch carries or other recommendations. You will have the opportunity to purchase my recommended products at 20% off at this first visit.

Introduction to Technology Facial Series of Three. $345

The Introductory to Technology Facial Series is offered at the time of check out for first time facial clients. If you enjoyed the Introductory Plain Vanilla Facial of your first experience but want to explore the technology available to be added with the Classic Facial, then take advantage of advanced appointments for the next three months. Each month you will have another technology added. 1. L.E.D. Light for Collagen and Elastin building, dark spot reduction, redness relief and breakout control depending on single or combination of red, blue or green light. 2. Tightening and lifting of skin and facial muscle with microcurrent and 3. Oxygen treatment using 90% oxygen over entire face and targeted areas of special need. Pay $135 the first month follow up month, $150 for the second month in the series, and just $60.00 for the third month. You pay a total of $345.00 for a total Technology Introductory Special saving $100.00 with no advanced payment. One restriction applies. The facials must be taken between three weeks and six weeks exceptions. This is a great way to know if technology works for you.

Plain Vanilla (Classic) Facial $110

This is a great facial to experience all the steps of a professional facial with benefits that last up to a month. It follows the path of a traditional facial with cleansing, exfoliating, deep pore cleaning, extractions, serums, masques, toners and moisturizers but with the added effectiveness of an ultrasonic BioTherapeutic Micro machine, exfoliants, masques and moisturizers specifically for the eye area and mouth, and a relaxing massage for hands, arms, and feet. An hour of care for the mind and body. This is the facial of choice for many clients at Pleasant Touch, from the 50 and younger regular monthly maintenance group to the clients who stop in every few months...or years, to get a skin assessment and tweak the home care.

Soothe My Skin Facial  $135

This facial seeks to find remedies for the client who is concerned about the redness in facial skin. whether it is a hereditary condition, allergies, "Irish skin" or other causes. Through a lot of detective work, products made for extremely sensitive skin, and the application of the Dolce Sun L.E.D blue light, the client wiill see a soothing how to keep it soothed.

Remove the Dullness Facial $135

If your skin lacks luster...looking dull, this is the facial for you. The treatment concentrates on removing old dead skin cell hanging around too long, and invigorates the skin by stimulating circulation and providing an intense oxygen treatment using Bio-Theraputics Air machine, increasing the oxygen available to the facial skin by 3 times. Important for a healthy glowing skin.

Firm My Face Facial $135

This facial is all about firming facial skin, using professional and retail products to lift the sagging skin with the help of the Bio-Theraputic Ultimate Platinum Machine...otherwise known to my clients as the Lift Machine. For maximum results this facial is done in a series of 10, one month apart.

Redness Relief Facial $150

Whether the redness is coming from sensitivities, allergies, rosacea, or "Irish Skin", this is the facial that will soothe your skin and begin to address root causes. Utilizing gentle and effective products made just for these conditions during the facial is essential with the addition of Blue L.E.D. Light from the Dolce Sun machine. The Dolce Sun L.E.D. is a full face and throat treatment with no damaging ultraviolet light, that is capable of using three different L.E.D., blue, and green either alone or in combination. Blue light addresses redness. This facial also employees the Oxygen Machine known as Biotheraputic Accent Air. This delivers 90% Oxygen to the upper layers of skin allowing for the infusion of nutrients in products to work quickly in the normalizing process. Please bring products that you currently use on your face. It is possible to muscle test these products for allergies. While setting up for the facial will require input from you, once started, you will be able to float gently into a relaxed state enjoying all the steps in the process including massage of hands, arms, and feet. This is a facial that is often recommended at longer intervals than most facials simply because the skin is more delicate. 

Slow My Aging Facial  $150

This is the facial for the younger person who is just beginning to see the signs of aging and wants to correct what is seen and prevent what may be coming. It is very important to select the correct products at this phase of life. Many "anti-aging" products are too rich for more youthful skin and can lead to clogged pores, break-out, bumps under the eyes, and sensitized skin.
Avoiding new problems while taking care of the first signs of aging with fine lines around the eyes, between the brows, on the forehead, around the mouth, of sagging jaw line or eyelids is a difficult balance. Targeted treatment is often the answer. Using effective products with the help of the Bio-Therapeutic Air machine to deliver 90% Oxygen right where the skin can use it to heal and replace as well as the Bio-Therapeutic Ultimate Platinum machine to lift, tone and tighten muscle and skin makes for improvements you can see and build on. 

Go Away Dark Spots! Facial $150

This facial begins with a little detective work. Although all dark spots have a sun component, some dark spots have triggers of pressure in the pores, hormones, or products. The classic facial, with appropriate professional products to address the underlying condition, is enhanced by the Dolce Sun Light machine. L.E.D. produces no Ultraviolet Rays, which are the skin damaging elements of sun light. Rather the L.E.D. light has healing effects dependent on color and depth of penetration. This device allows for the use of three colors, red, blue and green together in any combination or alone over the entire face and throat. Green Light stimulates your own body's enzyme specific to breaking down melanin (that which makes the dark spot). A direct Oxygen Treatment delivered by the BioTheraputic Accent Air machine will further speed the elimination of the dark spots by penetrating targeted product and healing oxygen directly to the upper layers of skin. All of this highly effective treatment is given while you relax and enjoy the process which includes hand, arm and foot massage.The significant reduction of dark spots requires a partnership of a professional monthly series of facials and daily home care. There will be recommendations on an exfoliant, an intensive care serum, and a sunscreen all dependent on the underlining skin conditions.

Adult Acne Facial $150


This facial has recently been updated with exciting new knowledge, new equipment and new product. The core facial remains the same in the steps but Eminence Organics and Nelly DeVuyst Skin Care Lines have both released certified organic products that are working well, even on Grade 3 and 4 Acne. Add to this professional peels and the Celluma Light for Acne and we have a winning combination. For a limited time, you will find this as a Groupon Special in the Washington, DC area. 


Your facial will be designed around your triggers for breakout...hormones, stress, food, cosmetics, bacteria, thick oil, abundant skin cells, lack of skin nutrients. Product selection during the facial and at home are crucial, so bring what you are currently using...and figuring it out may take a little patience. During the process that follows the steps of a classic facial I will cleanse your face with a pH balanced cleanser (important to the healthy flora and fauna of your skin) using a cleansing machine called the I-Sonic. The I-Sonic gently lifts loose skin cells cleansing your skin 6 times better than cleanser alone. Then there is a professional peel, during which I use the ultrasonic machine made by Bio-Theraputics called the B-T Micro. This helps to both penetrate products deeper for a more successful pore cleansing and it helps me remove material from the opened pores. This is followed with the addition of the Celluma Light for Acne which has the ability to kill the offending bacteria with the combination of Red and Blue Light in an pre-programed sequence most effective for acne bacteria destruction and lessening the inflammation (redness) that is associated with acne. Next there is a mask and depending on the needs of your skin there may also be an oxygen treatment. Your pores must be deeply cleaned in order for you to successfully control your acne. This may take several treatments spaced closely together but the results are live changing. Are you ready to control your acne? 

Relieve Dryness Four Layer Facial $145

My most beneficial facial for skin that needs deep hydration. The facial involves the steps of a Classic Facial with gentle but effective removal of old dry dead skin cells exposing fresher skin, but the four layer masque sequence is what makes this special. It uses a seaweed intensive care serum, with a seaweed deeply hydrating cream for either oily or dry skin, a seaweed hydrating mask that dries to a rubber consistency then a layer of a self heating seaweed mineral masque. Enjoy the added benefit massage of hands, arms, and feet. This facial brings a noticeable difference to dry, dehydrated skin, but cannot be used at the same time as oxygen, L.E.D. light, or microcurrent.

Procell Microneedling $225

Usually done in a series, this remarkable process is the best I have seen for quick results in healing scar tissue and dramatically decreasing deep lines and wrinkles. Not for the faint of heart as this can be uncomfortable. The treatments are done three weeks apart with only three hours down time. During those three hours you can put nothing on your facial creams, sunscreen or make-up. There are two products to take home and include in your daily care during your treatments. You will be amazed at how firmer your skin is. Old scars begin to fade and deep lines begin to fill in.

Anti-Aging Facial $160

Depending on how old you are and your skin care history, you could choose anything from a Refresher Facial to the I Want It All Facial...every facial here at Pleasant Touch is, in reality, an anti aging facial as each one will nourish the skin, supporting it's renewal and repairs. This particular listing is best for the 40 to 70 year olds who want the most youthful look possible with no invasive treatment. You will have a facial that involves all the enriching steps of a Classic Facial with the addition of an Oxygen Treatment delivered by the BioTheraputic Accent Air using two methods to bring 90% Oxygen to the outer layers of your skin. Product and oxygen are absorbed into the upper layers of skin providing the elements of healing right on site. Adding the micro current from the BioTheraputic Ultimate Platinum machine tightens facial muscles and skin while you have a completely relaxing treatment. Simultaneously, with this Lifting treatment, you will have a full face and throat exposure to the three L.E.D. Lights of the Dolce Sun for collagen and elastin building, blue to minimize redness, and green to assist in reducing dark spots. Special attention is paid to the eye area and lips with exfoliators, masque, and creams made specifically for them. During the masque treatment you will enjoy the massage of hands, arms, and feet. Expect to see and feel a difference in one treatment which improves with a series.

I Want It All! Facial $380

This is a treatment for Face, Neck, Decollete, Hands and Back that follows all of the steps of a Classic Facial using the added technology of BioTheraputic Micro ultrasonic machine for deep exfoliation and product penetration on each of these areas; BioTheraputic Accent Air to deliver 90% oxygen and other nutrients to the upper layers of skin; and BioTheraputic L.E.D. Light on Face, Hands and Back to encourage collagen and elastin production, soothing of redness and reduction of dark spots. Together, the technologies and the products bring the benefits of addressing any issue as deeply as possible in one non-invasive treatment. Wow! You may need a driver to pick you up...and don't plan on an evening out. But you will feel relaxed, renewed, softened, hydrated and ready for healing sleep.

Consultation $50

The Consultation appointment is set up either in person or by Skype to review your skin condition(s) and your present skin care regime in order to set goals and recommend solutions. If the appointment is physically at Pleasant Touch, your skin will be examined under a Wood's Lamp and a magnifying lamp. Please wear no make-up and bring everything you use on your face. Know that it is Pleasant Touch policy to work first with what you already have and as much as possible to recommend skin care in your budget range. There is some correlation between the effectiveness of a product and price but there are lots of ways to give aid to skin without high cost.

Public Demonstration Facial $55

At a minimum, twice a year Pleasant Touch participates in Festivals where various professional facials are demonstrated with an audience. This is a way of showing the steps of a professional facial to those who have never experienced one. It is as close as possible to the real experience of a basic facial at a 50% discount for being a model and you will receive a 20% discount on any product you buy at the time of the facial. A fabulous opportunity. Call to find out the next available dates.

Refresher Facial $85

This is the express facial of choice for you if you have no urgent concerns about your facial skin, but want a more vibrant look with smoother texture. The steps involved in this 30 minute treatment are: cleanse, a professional peel, pore cleansing with the ultrasonic device BioTheraputic Micro, Serums, Moisturizer/Sunscreen. Your skin is left softer, smoother, with no down time. You may also choose to continue your care at home with a limited once a week Exfoliation Kit that lasts 9 weeks. Kit not included.