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Facial Services


Introductory Facial: Designed for the first time facial client. I will observe and treat your skin for it's unique needs. Please bring the products you are currently using, so we can talk about how to use what you have, and improve going foreword. The facial includes a detailed discussion about your skin and your skin care goals. You and I will decide the kind of facial that is important and appropriate for you...then you will receive one of the basic facials on the complete list, but you will be charged the reduced price. Next time you come you will know which kind of product line to request. You will have the opportunity to purchase my recommended products at 15% off at this first visit. $75 (usually $110)
Ask about the Introductory Series: You will be offered the opportunity to purchase a series of three facials to be taken at four week intervals to experience the full range of specialty treatments designed for your skin. $375
(usually $445) 
Eminence Organic Facial Basic: A facial that will appeal to all of your senses! This facial uses the all natural and organic product line from Hungary to address your skin's specific needs. It includes a deep cleansing, professional peel, extractions if necessary, serums to meet the skins needs, layers of masques specifically to address your concerns and finishing toner, eye and lip treatments, as well as moisturizer. A classic European Facial. $110

Refresher Facial- Designed for women with normal skin looking to freshen her skin's appearance and check-up on appropriate aging strategies. Includes: Cleansing, professional peels, ultrasonic extractions, skin hydrator and protector, as well as advice on daily care. Be sure to bring a list of products that you use (or the products themselves) including makeup and foundation. $65
Diagnostic Facial- Designed for the first time facial client. I will observe and treat your skin for it's unique needs. The facial includes a detailed discussion about your skin and your skin care goals. $75

Eminence Organic Facial 

LED Light Therapy- Light Treatments use a LED light source to penetrate up to 1/4 inch into the skin, effecting the skin on a cellular level. Different colors of light create different wave lengths, each of which can have a specific effect on the skin. Depending on the color used, the pulsating light reduces lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and dark spots; it treats acne, modifies oil production and reduces scar tissue. Often clients see changes with the first treatment, and the best results come three months from the last treatment as elastin reaches its maturity. $65

LED Light Therapy added to a Treatment or Eminence Facial: +$25
Four Layer Facial- My most beneficial facial for skin that needs hydrating and firming. This facial uses a seaweed serum hydration cream for either oily or dry skin, a seaweed and noticeable difference! $110 

Mini Facial- This Treatment focuses on education you about how to care for your skin at home. It includes a cleansing, exfoliating, and treatment cream, as well as professional analysis of the products you are currently using, and recommendations for alternatives where necessary. $65
Princess Facial- My most popular facial for young spa visitors aged 18 years and younger. $50

Peel and Light Therapy- Peel and renew yourskin with a ½ hour treatment that revitalizes sun damaged and aging skin. Perfect to fix what you did last summer and get ready for what you plan next summer! $100.00

Consulation- Speak to me about your skin care concerns. Together we can create a personalized plan to reach your goals. No Charge