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EFT/ Tapping

This form of self help is a mixture of cognitive therapy techniques and simultaneous stimulation of a series of acupressure points that quickly takes negative emotions out of memories and neutralizes them.

You will find numerous examples and wonderful information on line about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as Tapping. Start at This method has been used for pain management, anger, jealousy, post traumatic stress syndrome, and indecision, just to name a few. There are several sequences of tapping that are suggested, at least two "set up" sites for "set up" statements, and so many different methods that some of my clients just want a few lessons with me to get them started on a life-long journey to peace and happiness. I am very clear with my clients that I am NOT a licensed mental health therapist. I can only help you help yourself and if you and I reveal that you need a therapist, I will be able to recommend several licensed psychologist and social workers who also use EFT in their sessions.

The tapping sequence I prefer to use
1. Begin with the set up phrase "Even though I ____________________________, I still love, accept, and forgive myself deeply and completely. Repeat this three times as you tap on the side of one hand below the little finger with the four fingers of the other hand.
2. Top of head
3. Where the eyebrow begins between the eyebrow
4. Where the eyebrow ends near the temple 
5. Beneath the eye, on the bony part below the iris
6. Beneath the nose on the upper lip
7. Chin (where a cleft would be if you had one)
8. Two finger width below collar bone (straight up from nipple) then feel for sore spots on either side...may tap both sides or just one
9. Four fingers below armpit
10. On last rib under breast straight down from nipple
11. Wrist together
12. Take a deep breath and repeat 2-12 as many times as you like, talking about the blank space you filled in in #1.

This method has brought me so much personal peace and joy that I want others to experience it. Currently, I see clients only individually. I am open to groups.