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In esthetic terms dry skin is skin lacking in oil. So a person cannot have dry skin and oily skin in the same area of the face. That person can have oily and dehydrated skin (lacking water moisture) in the same area of the face. True dry skin that simply does not have enough oil produced by the body is an easy fix. This person could use the thickest moisturizers on the market to add lots of oil from the outside and most likely be happy. This however would be very unusual. In my career I have only seen four or five people who have fit in this category. The rest have some combination of skin conditions that require a bit more education. It may be about flaking skin, sensitive or reddened skin, perhaps dehydrated skin. If you have a dry skin concern please read my recommendations for the other three to see if you also fit into those categories or

I recommend a Plain Vanilla Classic Facial for a through education on your skin. Please bring everything that you currently use on your face to eliminate the possibility that a product is drying out your skin.