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BROWN SPOTS (Hyper-pigmentation)

All flat brown spots have a component of sun damage, from freckles to age spots. And sun damage is the number one cause of premature aging. There are things that can cause a more intense reaction to sun…hormones, certain medications, sun tanning lotions, spraying water on your skin while exposed to sun, certain chemicals as in perfumes, pressure on an area before exposure, and even drinking tea while exposed to sun!


Wearing a sunscreen every day of your life is the best for both prevention and cure. If your sunscreen is both UVA and UVB protective it has a healing factor of anti-oxidants built in.

I recommend sunscreens of 30 SPF to be applied every morning. Then if you know you are going to be out in the sun more than 15 minutes, reapply. Reapply every two hours of exposure. This is most important for regularly exposed areas, such as face, neck and hands. Please be careful with medications that caution you on sun exposure. You can badly burn and produce spots in a matter of minutes. The other problem that I see is once your body over-produces melamine in one area, even when treatments have faded that area, over-exposure to the sun again will encourage more darkness in the same spot. That means hats and gloves are recommended for outdoor work. Hats and umbrellas are recommended at the beach and reapply, reapply, reapply. Remember that sun can also reflect up from sand, water and even cement. Therefore a hat or umbrella still require the protection of sunscreen.


I recommend a series of facials at three weeks to six weeks intervals depending on the severity of the problem. The best choice would be the Aging Gracefully Facial as it allows me to use all of my special machines, the oxygen machine, the L.E.D. light machine and the Lift Machine. The Lift machine allows me to penetrate three layers of product specifically to reduce visible dark spots, interfere with the production of melamine (the dark pigment), and works to lift the melamine to the surface to be exfoliated. Second choice of facials would be Redness relief because it uses both the Oxygen and the L.E.D. modalities which work together to reduce the dark spot. Or if you want the fastest result I can offer then schedule a beginning series of three Micro-channeling Treatments taken at two week intervals. At home recommendations would begin with daily sunscreen/moisturizer depending on your basic skin type: In the Eminence Organic Line this is considered so important that we have multiple choices. Red Current for moderately oily to T-Zone oily skin, Bright Skin for normal and dehydrated skin, and Tropical Vanilla for oil Dry skin. In the Eminence line there are also sunscreens that have a slight tint and are moisturizing, as well as powder sunscreens recommended for oily skin or for reapplication over cream sunscreens during the day.  All Stone Crop and Bright Skin products in the Eminence line target hyper-pigmentation (dark spots).