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Body Services

Back Treatment $150
   A Back Treatment at Pleasant Touch can have all the variety of Facial treatments including cleansers to match the skin type, scrubs or peels at multiple levels of depth, the ultrasonic extraction tool of the BioTheraputic Micro, manual extractions, L.E.D light provided by the Dolce Sun's multiple colors, masques depending on your specific needs, finishing with a toner and hydrating moisturizer. Back treatments are ideal for treating breakouts, uneven skin tones, dryness and itchiness. Includes a 10 minute back massage.  

Back Scrub $40
  Using the Clarisonic electric body brush and a Eminence Organic Sugar Scrub, your back will be squeaky clean!

Back and Neck Massage (Add On) $60
  Add a 30 minute Back and Neck Massage seamlessly to your Facial Treatment or Back Scrub. Your practitioner is both an esthetician and a massage therapist.
 Hand Treatment $40
  Because hands are exposed almost as much as our faces without the same level of care they age as fast, or faster, than facial skin. Treat your hands to professional exfoliation that stimulates the turn over of skin cells, serums that add nutrients, hydration, or antioxidants to revitalize, L.E.D. light with the Dolce Sun machine's red, blue, and green light for stimulating new collagen and elastin, reduced redness and dark spots, masques to hydrate and lighten, followed by a moisturizer rich in peptides. your softer, smoother, more youthful looking hands will be happy. And you can continue to roll back the aging process by adding this treatment to each facial you have at Pleasant Touch.