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One of my friends who thinks he is funny always says: “Aging beats the alternative”. There are predictable signs of aging per 10 year periods of time. No 70 year old will have facial skin of a 20 year old. My goal would be for each client to have the most beautiful skin possible irregardless of age. I personally have not chosen to do any surgery or injections but if you choose that path, you will need a physician. And I am available to support your skin needs before and after whatever treatments you choose to do. Here, at Pleasant Touch, we depend on a 30/70 split in responsibility. I will examine your face with the wood’s lamp to see how advanced the aging process is, I will do facials that firm, lift, even skin tone and hydrate, or choose a series of micro-channeling  treatments that do the same but more quickly.  I will recommend products that will heal past damage and slow the aging process. That is my 30% of the work. This will probably require several professional treatments but dramatic changes can occur. You, as the client,  get to do 70% of the work at home. By establishing a skin care routine that fits your life style and goals, by using the products recommended in the appropriate way, you will begin to see noticeable improvement almost immediately. I can’t make you ageless but I can help you age gracefully. 

I recommend Aging Gracefully Facials monthly until you see no further improvement, or choose to speed up the process with a series of three Micro-channelling Treatments taken at two week intervals with two serums to integrate into your home care. I will recommend Day and Night treatments that will include Cleanser, Toner, Eye Cream, Serum/Concentrates, and perhaps Target treatments, a daytime moisturizer that includes sunscreen and at least one night treatment. We begin with products that you currently use, introducing product to supplement at first and then replace.This is true only if the products are not harming your skin, like using a bar of soap which( is always dehydrating) or a retinol product (which always causes the skin to redden over time and become sun sensitive). Seems overwhelming...never fear. I make specific recommendations beginning at your comfort level and moving towards your goals.