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This is the number one skin problem that Dermatologist treat in America. Up until very recently the skin care industry had little to offer, but that has now changed. There are three factors that must always be present in breakouts (either open or closed comedones): an abundance of skin cells both inside and outside the hair follicle, thick oil production, and bacteria. We can work on each of those factors with appropriate targeted treatments. It requires understanding your skin, consistent self care, and an aggressive, professional deep cleansing to jump start the process. I prefer organic products for both professional and at home treatments with assists from Cleansing Machines, L.E.D. Treatments, and sometimes Oxygen Treatments. The newer Organic products systems have not failed me yet, but if they should, in the future, I will be the first to recommend what works for you.  Once the pores are cleaned out, you are able to control future breakout with knowledge and appropriate product intervention.

There are several other factors that can effect when and how severe the acne is: inappropriate hygiene, hormones including stress hormones, certain cosmetics, certain medication, the amount of water you intake, and high glycemic diets. (Learn more about these in Client Resources.) This is why it takes professional in-depth knowledge and asking the right questions to find your unique answers. Acne is a chronic disease. It does not go away until there are specific changes in what the body does…but acne can be controlled.

There are 4 grades of acne. Hormonal acne for females is treated differently than the other types, basically treating your skin as if it were totally different for a week to 10 days out of every 28. This would require separate at home care recommendations. Occasional and mild acne usually respond well to a facial to start the process, the education that goes with the facial, and consistently following the recommended at home care. I will recommend follow up facials to check your progress and make corrections if necessary. 

For moderate to severe acne I recommend weekly professional facials until there is no new break out. These facials include cleansing machines, extractions as necessary, a professional peel and L.E.D. treatments. If you choose to go on this program, I give you one week of product at a time until we establish what products you will need to keep your skin breakout free. Weekly treatments will probably be necessary 4 to 6 weeks in order be breakout free. It will take two to three months for the inflammation (redness) to go away, and about that same length of time for dark spots to disappear. Yes, this is an intense treatment. This is the treatment protocol that gives you the fastest, most effective results that I have seen in practicing Esthetics for 32 years.